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Earn Daily $10-$25! Easy and Simple Work from Home

Earn Daily $10-$25!
Daily 4-5 hours!
No Investment!

1. Desktop or Laptop
2. Faster internet (broadband or wifi)
3. 4-5 hours time daily on the PC
4. Willing to do any types of work like watch videos, play games, complete offers, surveys, signups etc.

Site 1: First day $8 (any country), Daily $2-$11 (depends on your country), takes time less than 50 minutes daily. Work type- play games, survey, signups etc.

1. Go to this site: https://goo.gl/qNV9Qc and enter your email address. After that verify your email (it is important because if you don't verify email you can't withdraw your money.) You will get 100 points for sign up if you use the above link. 3000 points are equal to $20 and it is the cashout limit. You can cashout via Paypal, Bitcoin or get PlayStation code, Xbox Code, Netflix code.
2. Now go to earn points and do a simple survey, install apps, do sign up, complete offer etc. The survey is so simple and takes less than 5 minutes and you will get 100-700 points (depends on country) for each survey and you will get daily 1-7 survey (Depends on country but 1 must be given).
3. Now contact me for more than $8 balance. Use those coupons code that will bring you 500 points- COMET50
4. Play any game that will bring you 750 points. You can claim this points once and apply coupons for only once for lifetime.
Note: don't search for any coupon, use those coupon because those coupons will bring you less than 500 points. if you get more points using coupons your balance will be stuck for 48 hours. And don't play game for 750 points. When you get 600-650 points on playing games stop the game. This also could be the cause of stuck of balance for 48 hours.
Site 2: Daily $1 (any country) takes time less than 20 minutes daily. Work type- watch youtube videos.

1. Go to this site: https://goo.gl/19xiWx and signup. Please put this referral ID- 14990761917241 (you can't signup without using any referral id) After that verify your email.
2. You will get 20 videos and you have to watch 3 minutes each video and also like, comments and share on facebook or twitter or tumbler. This will take 3 minutes*20=60 minutes. Open 4-5 videos along and you can finish less than 20 minutes.

Site 3: Daily $1-$2 (any country) takes time less than 60 minutes daily but you don't have to work (script will work automatically). You only need to run the script and keep your browser on. Work type- facebook like/share, twitter follow/tweet, watch youtube videos etc.

1. Go to this site: https://goo.gl/i3eKmL and signup. After that verify your email. Use firefox browser and install imacros extension (search for imacros for firefox and install it). After login, download the imacros script (Download link- https://goo.gl/ZKdu3d) and run the script. This script will work only for facebook and twitter and can earn up to $2 daily. So please login to a fake or unused facebook and twitter account. You can search google about the script for youtube, google plus, instagram, stumbleupon, google votes, website traffic etc and increase revenue up to $3 or more. If you have any problem regarding this script search google and youtube, you will find the solution.

2. You will get daily 200 points bonus. 5000 points = $1 and you can cash out when you reach $0.10 (500 points) via okpay and $2 (10000 points) via paypal or payza.

Please give me some time to collect all the earning site and write briefly about those sites. Please also use my referral link so that I can earn some extra money and gift you many earning opportunity. I promise I will give you at least $20 earning ways to you. Don't frustrate, keep working. All of the sites above is 100% paying and 100% proved by me.

Extra: You can earn bitcoins with those bitcoin faucets while working.

1. http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=E544F6B1AAA4 (up to 5000 satoshis in 15 minutes)
2. https://freebitco.in/?r=790387 (up to 7912145 satoshis in 60 minutes)


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